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Youth Winter Leagues 2016/17

The fixtures and venues for all the leagues are now available to view on the website under the heading YOUTH WINTER LEAGUES.

I have tried to keep teams with 2 or 3 teams participating together as much as possible but this is not always possible, in particular if they are playing in different leagues.

Can teams please familiarise yourselves with the Futsal Escocia Youth Rules and please adhere to them throughout the league. Games will not have a referee and it's up to the coaches to take responsibility. Any questions on the rules or the league please get in touch prior to the league starting up.

A reminder to all teams/coaches/parents that the league has been set up to provide the children with a fun and exciting playing environment throughout their winter football break. To make the experience as enjoyable as possible, please encourage and support the children from all the teams.

Further details on parking, facilities etc will follow next week.