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  • Michael Woods Leisure Centre Viewfield Glenrothes, Scotland, KY6 2RD United Kingdom (map)

A Modern Approach to Goalkeeping with Tony Elliott.

  • Michael Woods Leisure Centre, Glenrothes
  • Sunday 8th of October 2017
  • 2pm - 6pm
  • £25 (£20 affiliated coaches)

This goalkeeping workshop is the first of its kind in Scotland and is perfect for any coaches, not just goalkeepers.

The role of a goalkeeper is often overlooked, however, it is now one of the most important positions on a football pitch and probably the most important position on a futsal court. The goalkeeping position has evolved more than any other with a goalkeeper now responsible for not only keeping the ball out the net but for starting counter attacks, retaining possession and organising the team from the back.

As the role has evolved, goalkeeping coaching has had to do so with it. This is where Tony will highlight the differences and how futsal has also had an impact on the modern day goalkeeper.

At a fantastic £25 (£20 for Futsal Escocia Youth League coaches) you are sure to go home thinking about how we coach goalkeepers and how we should be coaching goalkeepers.

Tony will also be offering signed copies of his book 'A Modern Approach to Goalkeeping' at a discounted price to those registered on the course.

To register please email Russell at