The fixtures for this weekends matches are on the Futsal Escocia website under LEAGUES/TOURNAMENTS.

LA LIGA is for the 2003-06 teams and the PREMIER LEAGUE is for the 2007/08 teams.

The website is currently in the process of being upgraded and once the new website goes live it will include all fixture times, venue, results and league tables. 

A reminder that all matches are at Michael Woods Leisure Centre, Glenrothes.

Good Luck to all the teams!!!


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Futsal El Mundo Limited

In 2015, I set up Futsal Escocia to provide children in West Fife with the opportunity to play futsal, a sport that was unheard of at the time.  I was fascinated to see how the game had assisted in developing world class and technically gifted football players such as Ronaldinho, Messi, Iniesta and Ronaldo to name just a few. It is fair to say that I did not know what to expect.

3 years on, my passion and love for this fast and exciting indoor game has continued to grow, as has popularity.  From starting out with about 16 children. Futsal Escocia now has around 200 children participating in sessions in Fife and a further 200 in academies in Ayrshire, Glasgow and Inverness. We provide futsal from 3 years old into adulthood through our Nino's programme, coaching, youth leagues and recreational adult leagues. Our winter futsal leagues have been extremely proved popular with an increase in participation each year. An amazing 93 teams were involved through the winter in 2017/18, providing football teams with an alternative option during their winter football break. Parents and coaches of football teams started to recognise the positive impact that futsal and in particular Futsal Escocia Coaching was having on players. I personally have seen a development in players technical ability, game awareness and tactical awareness. We believe that this is down to our 'Developing the Player' coaching programme which is designed to improve all aspects of a players game and to allow players to be creative, to be brave and to play with freedom.

Our vision is to deliver futsal to children and adults across Scotland, irrespective of their age, race, gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation or ability. We believe that this can be achieved through working with schools and additional franchises providing coaching and leagues.

We would like to thank Business Gateway Fife for the continued support and with the help of a Digital Boost, we look forward to our new updated website being launched this month. Please look out for this and further exciting news coming soon!!!

There's no better time to be involved in futsal.

Russell Taylor - CEO & Founder

If you would like further information on futsal and Futsal Escocia Franchise options, please contact us here.

Below are details of recent press releases from newspapers about the good work we are doing.

Futsal Escocia is the trading name of Futsal El Mundo Limited SC557597

Adult League 2018 (2)

Our recreational Adult League returns this Sunday.

The impressive Duloch are looking to retain their title and are favourites to do so ahead of Futsal Escocia and Crossgates. North Queensferry, Hearts of Beath and Sunday Strollers will be looking to improve on their last leagues position. It is not known what to expect of newcomers Camdean Cats who are experiencing futsal for the first time.

It is great to be back and will be good to see all the teams involved again.

Good luck to everyone!!!


The Cost of Coaching

It's the end of another financial year and once again it has seen an increase in hall hire prices. 

At some venues I now pay an extra 83p an hour and another it is an additional £1.35. I questioned the increase and was told it's only 13p per kid if you have 10 involved.

What the council fail to recognise is that with over 1300 hours of hall hire, this equates to and additional expenditure of over £1000. I could easily say that I am increasing prices but parents cannot continue to pay more for every activity their child does. Costs already restrict those from a deprived background and the councils and governments should be doing more to promote sports, health and well-being. 

 As a business, Futsal Escocia do not get the same rates of hire or benefits as non-profit organisations, our governing bodies and 'charities' do but we coincidentally charge similar prices for a comparable and arguably better level of service. I am still struggling to see the difference between a charity and a business? The SFA, Active Schools, Leisure Centres and 'charities' all pay members of staff and offer customers a similar service but where does the rest of their money go? Is it being put back into the community?

 As the only futsal organisation in Fife we have over 200 children involved in our academy and youth team structure and last winter we had 93 teams involved in our Futsal youth winter leagues. Through the winter months we are providing over 1000 children a week with the opportunity to be active and involved in sport through futsal. 

We also run a recreational adult league, predominantly made up of players over 35, keeping players involved in sport for as long as they can.   

Our aim and vision is to provide a futsal pathway from 3 years of age into adulthood, irrespective of their age, race, gender, religion, religion, ability or disability. We want to ensure that futsal is  available to all but what is restricting us?

To put it bluntly, hall hire costs, facilities  and governing bodies make it difficult to continue growth or to start new groups or sessions at affordable prices. 

Hall Hire 

Due to hall hire costs, any coaching group with less than 9 children involved  is operating at a loss. You quite clearly cannot continue to operate sessions that are making a loss. 

I have put forward proposals to facilities  to consider off peak prices at weekends, seasonal prices (halls lying empty during summer months) and a discount for volume usage. Despite spending £40000 on hall hire in Fife last year, I have yet to receive a response.

Facilities & Governing Bodies

As discussed earlier, hall hire costs are an issue but   so is availability despite there being spaces available? You may or may not know that the SFA work in partnership with the council's, Fife Sport and Leisure Trust and Active Schools.

Although I am the only futsal provider in Fife and that futsal is identified as a sport in it's own right, I have been refused available hall hire at facilities as it may conflict with programmes being run by the SFA and the facility at similar times. I have also been advised not to run a 3-5 year olds futsal programme or inclusive futsal programme as it might impact on programmes run by the SFA!!! Madness considering everything the SFA promote but it appears they will only promote what they gain from. 

I have offered to work in partnership with Community Use Schools, Active Schools, Fife Sport and Leisure Trust and the SFA/SYFA to help promote futsal. 

 So far only the SFA have responded saying that they intend to start their own futsal in partnership with the SYFA, despite having no interest in youth futsal the last 3 years. Call me a cynic but maybe they see pound signs!!??

It's time that the government, councils and governing bodies started putting the interests of the children, parents and public before self gain and self interest. Scotland has well documented issues with obesity and health issues and hasn't qualified for a major international football tournament for over 20 years, I wonder why?!

If we start putting the public first then maybe, just maybe we will see a fitter, healthier, more active nation as well as a football/futsal team to be proud of. 



Living the dream!?

I have been involved in football all my life. It's fair to say it is my life.

From the first time I played football out in the garden with my dad and brother, to joining my local team, progressing to a top regional team, representing my schools and region, to signing schoolboy forms with a pro club. Then spending 2 years YTS and eventually signing professional and making my debut for the first team. I was living the dream!!! 

The reality though, is that the dream can easily disappear. Injuries, how a club is run, change of management, a change of club and personal issues are just some of the issues that can all have an impact on your future and career. 

All of the above probably had an impact on myself at some point in time. I think I had about 5 managers in 2 seasons and had agreed a 2 year contract with one before going on holiday. I just hadn't signed it!! Whilst on holiday, the same manager and his staff got sacked and the new management didn't offer any contract despite not seeing me train or play. Disappointngly and surprisingly the club offered no support whatsoever. 

 Thankfully the sacked manager offered me an opportunity at his new club. A club a division higher. After a successful trial I signed a 1 year deal and after another change of management got a further 1 year continuation.

A change in management can result in massive changes, you have to adapt to the new management and staff, to their new players, new training methods, a different tactical approach and much more. You are doing the same job description but it completely different. Sometimes it's for the better and sometimes for the worse. You may or may not fit into their thinking and style of play.

 As a player, playing with and against some top players in the reserves I kept looking to the first team and seeing international players playing in my position and thinking how am I going to get a chance. There was another 15 younger players doing exactly the same, worrying if their 1 or 2 year contract is going to get renewed. We were not seeing a pathway into the first team.

After time, I like many others in the same changing room, lost interest and fell out of love with the game to the extent where I actually wanted out. I seen my friends making more money than me and enjoying life. After years of making sacrifices for football, I decided I wanted to live a life like my friends. 

  My professional career ended before I had turned 21.  It ended with a thank you and goodbye. Thr club, now unsurprisingly, offered no support to find another club or career. The dream was over and it was strangely a relief. The pressure was off. I found a job that paid more money, offered more security and allowed me to buy a house and start a family, something I couldn't have done on the salary I was receiving playing football.

 I continued playing junior football into my 30's and eventually got involved in coaching my son's football team. My passion for the game returned and I set up Futsal Escocia. Futsal reminds me of my childhood, playing small sided games on concrete in the school playground. Games and activities where you coached yourself. I actually wish futsal was around when I was a kid, to fully experience the game. 

 We have some exceptional kids in our academy and I try to let the kids and parents realise the ups and downs of football. The expectations compared to the reality.

  My advice would be simple. Do what you enjoy and whatever you do, give it your all. The importance of education and following our academy values will stand you in good stead in any walk of life. No matter the journey there will be ups and downs. It's how you react to them. 

 If I went back 25 years, would I do it again...100%, but I'd be more aware of hurdles and what is required to succeed. 

Russell Taylor - Futsal Escocia 

Youth Festivals 2017/18

This weekend we host our festivals to conclude our youth winter leagues for 2017/18. 

The festivals are a challenge to organise at the best of times but more so this year due to the numbers involved.  

  Every team has been placed in a group and will play additional, shorter matches. The whole day will be fast and frantic. 

The halls will be full. Can I ask that players and coaches are positioned around the hall on the side opposite the main access point and parents/spectators are positioned around the hall on the opposite side.  

All matches MUST BE PLAYED TO TIME. It will be on/off turnaround and coaches are responsible for ensuring the team is ready to start directly after the fixture before.   

The festivals provide the players the opportunity to play in front of a large audience. This can be daunting for them so please make it an experience to remember by supporting and cheering good play, goals, saves and skills from ALL the teams. We'd expect   all players and coaches to do the same. Let the children express themselves and play with freedom and enjoyment. Remember it's not the World Cup Final they are playing in. 

After the last match there's a presentation where players will receive a medal and a Player of the League Award and a Team Fair Play Award will be presented for each league. Nominations for the awards are accepted from coaches. Please can they be emailed or forwarded to myself or our representatives on the day.   

The presentations for the refurb and main hall at Beath High School will be combined and take place in the Assembly Hall.   

There will also be a tuck shop in the main building at Beath High School, selling hot and cold drinks and confectionery.   

I hope you have had a fantastic winter of Futsal and enjoy your weekend.  

Good luck to everyone involved.  

Futsal Escocia - All about DEVELOPMENT and FUN   


Adult League Update

We are half way through the adult league and it is tight at the top with Duloch and Futsal Escocia on level points. Sunday night also seen Sunday Strollers with their first victory in the leagues. Well done!!

An exciting 2nd half to the league is in store.

The next league will start of the 15th of April 2018 if you would like to enter a team.


The fixtures are now on the website for this weekends festivals.

Games are short and teams are required to be on and off asap, with matches played to the allocated times. No matches can run over the allocated times.

Can we please remind coaches/teams that the players are your responsibility throughout the day. In previous years and throughout the league we have had complaints about children running around the facilities and using areas that are not included. 

Please respect other users of the facilities.

Any issues with the allocated fixtures, please let us know asap.

I will publish a further document with regards to the set up of teams and the presentations asap.


The fixtures for this weekend are now available to view on the website. Apologies for a number of changes made to those scheduled from the start.

If any teams are unable to play at the times published please let me know asap.

I have also published details for the Futsal Escocia Festivals to be held on the 24th and 25th of February. The festivals include a number of shorter games (round-robin) and afterwards each player will receive a medal, with one player and one team from each league winning the Player of the League and the Fair Play Team Awards.

The Fair Play award is based on the attitude and conduct of players, parents and coaches throughout the league.  

Once again, please let me know if the proposed times for the festival are not suitable.



I am delighted to say that exactly a year after being our first pilot franchise, our Head Coach for Ayrshire, Craig Patterson has decided to become our first full franchise. 

A pilot franchise is completely risk free and did not cost Craig a penny to start up. He was supplied with the necessary equipment, coaching programme and support and guidance required to make futsal in Ayrshire a success.  It was then down to Craig. 

Craig now has 7 sessions and around 100 children involved in futsal every week, with further sessions to be added soon.

The full franchise agreement opens new doors and I fully expect to see further futsal programmes including Futsal Escocia Niño's and Futsal Escocia Teens coming to Ayrshire very soon.   

 Congratulations to Craig and his team of coaches.  Exciting times ahead!!!

 If you'd like to run futsal in your area, please get in touch. 


Youth Winter League Fixtures - 10th & 11th February 2018

This weekends fixtures are now on the website.

There's been numerous requests for match times and fixture changes. Hopefully I have been able to accommodate all requests.

If not, please let me know asap.

The leagues will finish with festivals on Saturday the 24th & Sunday the 25th of February 2018. Teams will play a number of shorter matches prior to a presentation. Teams will be expected to be at the venue for around 2 hours at a time, and I will try to get fixtures out this week.

All players will receive a medal (10 per team) and each league will have a Player of the League and a Fair Play Team Award. The Team Award is based on  a number of aspects including player, coach and spectator behaviour, respect, humility, effort, teamwork and of course, fair play.

Futsal Escocia Adult League

A couple of terrific matches in tonight's league. 

It leaves the league wide open  with 4 teams a point from top spot. 

 13 North Queensferry v Hearts of Beath 10

6 Duloch Juniors v Futsal Escocia 6 

 Crossgates awarded a 10-0 victory over Sunday Strollers. 



Futsal Escocia has a vision to provide futsal to children from 3 years of age and upwards. Our aim is to then provide the same children with a pathway from childhood into adulthood. 

Our Niño's coaching programme for 3-5 year olds is the first step on the ladder and is vital for introducing futsal to children between those ages.   

Our Niño's programme is like nothing else out there.   It combines being active with education. Through access to learning materials on the website, participants will be taught basic Spanish along with futsal.

In 2018, we have a realistic target of 12+ Niño's sessions a week in Fife, with additional sessions to be added across Scotland. The Niño's programme has jad great feedback from our pilot groups and with the right person driving it, it has the potential to be extremely popular and be enrolled out across Scotland and the UK. 

 We are looking for an individual or group to manage and deliver the programmes, working with Active Schools, private nurseries and community groups to increase awareness and participation. 

Any applicants should have the following:

Essential Criteria

  • Experience with working with young children (3-5 years)
  • Be Disclosure Checked 
  • First Aid Qualification  
  • Driver's License  
  • Able to work mornings, afternoons and weekends 

 Desirable Criteria

  •   Experience of running or managing a business
  • Coaching Qualifications (Football/Futsal) 
  • College/University Sport Qualifications 

All coaches will be put on the necessary Child Safety, Wellbeing and Protection Courses  prior to starting.

 Coaches will be self employed and paid a competitive salary. 

Applications, including your CV are to be forwarded to   

Closing date -   Monday 12th of February 2018.

Adult League Standings/Results

Last night's results, an up to date league table and next weeks fixtures are on the website.

There were wins for Duloch, Futsal Escocia and North Queensferry. 

Best wishes to Peter Goldie of Futsal Escocia   who freakishly broke his leg. Hopefully a speedy recovery!!! 

FUTSAL ESCOCIA YOUTH LEAGUE FIXTURES - 27th & 28th of January 2018

This weekends fixtures are now available to view on the website. There's a few changes due to requests from teams and due to Michael Woods Leisure Centre not being available on Sunday morning and afternoon,

If I have missed any requests please let me know asap.

All requests are to be made via

Requests are much easier to manage from one place than via text, phone calls, whatsapp and Facebook.

Serie A fixtures will be split into 2 sections from next weekend (6/6). Please let me know if you would like to be in the top or bottom half.

The Intelligent Player

The great Xavi once said "In futsal, you see whether a player is really talented. You notice the small details in quality, class and tactical understanding".

In futsal you have limited space, the equivalent of 37 v 37 on an 11 a side football pitch.

Futsal is fast and intense. Your mind is constantly active. It is both physically and mentally challenging.

In possession you are required to think fast:
• where and when to move and create space for you our your teammate
• when to pass, dribble or shoot

You have to be technically good and have good game awareness and intelligence to  find space, retain possession and create goalscoring opportunities.

Once you lose possession you are required to: 

• have the desire to work hard for the team
• track back and follow runners
• press at the right time
• have a tactical understanding
• regain possession without conceding a goal

 Every player on the court is involved in the game. Intelligent and more technical players get the opportunity to shine, both on and off the ball. 

In my opinion, the way Scottish football is structured, players with the aforementioned attributes can be overlooked in favour of fast, powerful kids that can kick the ball harder. These kids are less talented but are more productive on a football pitch at that time. 

Kids start off playing fun 4's and 5's and those with the pace, power and will to win dictate the majority of games. Sometimes you'd be better playing 1 or 2 a side as they are the only players touching the ball.

Towards the end of 5's when space is more limited and the game is more challenging, what happens? We move to a bigger pitch and bigger goals. Who does this benefit?The same process happens on the transition from 7 to 11 a side.

By this time, academies are full of players that have been excelling on a bigger pitch with more space. Do they have the same qualities once all the players mature and physically develop? Are they intelligent enough to break down a team that parks the bus with 21 players playing in less than half a pitch?

  Personally, I feel academies frequently (not always) recruit the wrong players. They recruit what appear to be good players, but once you look closer a lot of the players lack in game intelligence and awareness.  

I believe the structure of our game dictates the type of player selected. Although we play non competitive until under 13 age group, there's far to much emphasis on selecting a winning team from 7 years old. Winning comes before development.

I set up a winter futsal league 3 years ago and numbers have continued to rise year on year. This winter we hav e an amazing 93 teams involved in futsal in Fife, with over 900 players involved. 

 You may or may not be surprised to know that although the leagues have been successful and that 18 of the top 20 players in world football come from futsal backgrounds, not one regional SFA Development Officer has attended and to my knowledge only 2 scouts have taken the time to watch the games and players. 

The question is why?  . We  should be embracing something that has a proven track record of developing WORLD CLASS players. 

If you take the time to look, there's intelligent, creative and technically gifted players out there.

Russell Taylor  

Futsal Escocia  


Futsal Escocia Youth Winter League Fixtures

The fixtures for Saturday the 20th and Sunday the 21st of January 2018 are now available to view on the website. 

 Due to requests from teams and Futsal Escocia Youth Teams being involved in a futsal festival in Edinburgh we have had to make a few changes to the proposed fixtures.

 If you have any issue with the fixtures please let us know asap. 

We are also looking for nominations for Player of the Week from last weekend's matches.   


We are delighted to announce a new partnership with the professional and highly respected AMC Goalkeeping Academy. 

AMC Goalkeeping Academy currently have successful football goalkeeping academies in central and east Fife and Tayside. 

The partnership will provide specialist futsal goalkeeping coaching to our existing goalkeepers and to anyone interested in goalkeeping. 

The role of a goalkeeper has evolved, with a far greater emphasis on distribution with both the hands and feet, reflexes and blocking shots from close range. 

As a result, coaching has had to evolve with it.   

The techniques learned in futsal are transferable to football and many of the top football goalkeepers in the world come from a futsal background.   Ederson and De Gea of the 2 Manchester football clubs to name just a couple. 

The sessions will be open to boys and girls of all levels of ability between 5 and 17 years of age and aimed at developing goalkeepers for both futsal and football, providing players with a pathway to both sports.   

 The coaching programme will work alongside the existing Futsal Escocia structure: 

  2. ATTACKING (Distrubution) 
  3. DEFENDING    (Positioning, shot stopping)
  4. BALL RETENTION   (footwork)
  6. GAMES 

I have no doubts that partnership and coaching will provide a greater quanity and better quality of goalkeepers.

Sessions will start throughout Fife in April 2018   with plans to start in other areas later in the year. 

If you would like to register and interest please do so via AMC Goalkeeping Academy. 

Facebook: @AMC Goalkeeping Academy