New Sponsorship - McDonald's

I am delighted to announce that McDonald's (Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy and Glenrothes) are the new sponsors of the Futsal Escocia Youth and Adult Leagues.

This is a fantastic coup for Futsal Escocia to be involved with such a big brand and organisation. It is great that McDonald's are looking to play their part in working with the local community, promoting health, fitness and futsal in Fife.

The sponsorship deal will also have benefits for the teams/clubs involved in both the youth and adult leagues. The Dunfermline restaurant, (Kirkcaldy/Glenrothes still to be confirmed) will have a section in their restaurant promoting the leagues and teams participating. This will involve a profile of a different club every 2 weeks and include photos of the teams in the futsal leagues. There will also be a section for teams to display flyers. This is a fantastic opportunity to promote your team/club in the community, increasing awareness and potentially players and members.

If you'd like your club or team involved in the profiles, please get in touch here.

Hopefully the sponsorship is the start of a good working relationship and helps increase awareness of Futsal Escocia and futsal in general, as well as getting more children in Fife involved in futsal and football.

To use a phrase...."I'm lovin it".