Let us know what you think

We are looking for feedback on Futsal Escocia. We would love to know what we are doing right and how we can improve. We want to know the thoughts of the children, the parents, the coaches and anyone else involved. Help make us even better in 2017!!!

At this time, Futsal Escocia coaches about 125 kids per week, runs an adult league with 6 team (about 60+ players) and a youth winter league with 82 teams (up to 850 players involved). We also have our very own Futsal Escocia Youth teams at 2004/05/06/07 age groups with over 50 players involved in futsal all year round.

We would love your feedback on any of the above. This will help us continue to improve and to assist us in expanding into other areas of Fife and surrounding regions.

You can review us on Facebook, Twitter, email or text. All feedback is welcome!!