Futsal Escocia Youth Leagues

With the continued success of our youth winter leagues and the growth of futsal throughout the UK, the natural progression is to have futsal coaching and leagues throughout the year.  

I will be in contact with clubs involved in our winter leagues and speaking about the prospect of clubs creating futsal sections within their structure and creating a coaching link with Futsal Escocia.   

The futsal sections will not interfere with the football sections and they will run in conjunction with   each other, providing players with the opportunity to play futsal/football or both. 

A futsal section provides players with another pathway and will assist in keeping children involved in sport during transitions from 5 a side to 7 a side and 7 a side to 11 a side football. 

Futsal Escocia has exciting plans for 2018 and beyond. We would love to share those plans and build greater partnerships with clubs . 

If you would like further information, please contact Russell on 07738164905 or futsalescocia@gmail.com. 

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Proposed League 2018