2017 has been a terrific year for Futsal Escocia and we are always looking at ways of improving. Throughout the year I have been fortunate enough to experience numerous coach education trips to Spain and England, providing me with the opportunity to learn from the very best coaches and players at FC Barcelona and Inter Movistar as well as learning about the structures of youth academies at Segovia and Ole Futsal Academy.

What I have noticed more than anything is the difference in the conduct and attitude of the children. This is not just at Elite Level but at all levels, in Spain in particular. At FC Barcelona they have their own values that puts a greater emphasis on the players attitude and behaviour. You could be the next Messi, but if you do not follow the club values, you are no longer part of their fantastic set up.

I want to create a similar environment at our Futsal Escocia Academies and Youth Teams. An environment where the emphasis is on the developing players and having fun. An environment where coaches are not constantly having to tell kids to listen and behave. An environment where the coach can actually focus on coaching.

As a result, we have created a Code of Conduct which details the same values of FC Barcelona. 

We fully expect parents to support us in introducing the codes of conduct and for players to adhere to them. 

As a coaching organisation, we believe that we have a duty to not only develop aspiring football/futsal players but also to provide the children with discipline and valuable life lessons that will assist them throughout life.

The Code of Conduct is available to view in our Youth Team Section of the website. We welcome your feedback.

Futsal Escocia - All about DEVELOPMENT and FUN.



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