We have a slightly unusual team selection today. This one beats the famous 4-6-0 by then Scotland coach Craig Levein!!

Every week we ask coaches to recommend opposition players for the Team of the Week and this week we had no less than 6 nominations for goalkeepers. This is understandable as goalkeepers are much busier in futsal than 7 or 11 a side football.

As a result, we have 3 goalkeepers in our 5.  Well done to everyone involved!!

Thomas Simpson (Glen Lions) - Thomas had a terrific match in an extremely competitive match at the weekend. He was potentially the difference between a win and a loss.

Gregor Woods (Kinross Colts) - Gregor is tall but showed great technique and game awareness throughout his game. He likes to beat players but also passed the ball at the right times.

Dylan Black (Futsal Escocia) - Dylan is a quiet lad that goes about his business very well. He always works hard and rarely gives the ball away. Good movement and game awareness to match his terrific attitude. A player I rate highly. 

Liam Ford (GK) - Liam just loves playing in goals. He celebrates a save like a striker celebrates a goal. Terrific attitude and desire for both futsal and football.

Kerr Lamb (GK) - Kerr was nominated after a string of saves in the match at the weekend. Not the biggest of keepers but he certainly can keep the ball out the back of the net and distributes well.

Well done everyone!!!



Team of the Week - 5.jpg