I am delighted to be informed that McDonald's Drive Thru Dunfermline, our 2016/17 Futsal Escocia Youth Winter League sponsors, has won the McDonald's Football Restaurant of the Year 2017 Award. 

Adam Buchanan-Smith, the franchisee at Dunfermline, has been supportive of a number of local sports, clubs and individuals and is thoroughly deserving of this award. 

From a Futsal Escocia point of view, the sponsorship assisted us in purchasing medals and trophies for the 91 boys and girls teams that participated in the Futsal Escocia Youth Winter Leagues 2016/17. 

A Futsal Escocia section within the restaurant has helped increase awareness of futsal and local teams participating in the leagues. Something we hope to continue into 2018.

Adam, will collect his award at Hampden Park later this month. 

Futsal Escocia would like to thank Adam and McDonald's Dunfermline for their continued support and helping to grow the game of futsal in West Fife.