We are delighted to announce a new partnership with the professional and highly respected AMC Goalkeeping Academy. 

AMC Goalkeeping Academy currently have successful football goalkeeping academies in central and east Fife and Tayside. 

The partnership will provide specialist futsal goalkeeping coaching to our existing goalkeepers and to anyone interested in goalkeeping. 

The role of a goalkeeper has evolved, with a far greater emphasis on distribution with both the hands and feet, reflexes and blocking shots from close range. 

As a result, coaching has had to evolve with it.   

The techniques learned in futsal are transferable to football and many of the top football goalkeepers in the world come from a futsal background.   Ederson and De Gea of the 2 Manchester football clubs to name just a couple. 

The sessions will be open to boys and girls of all levels of ability between 5 and 17 years of age and aimed at developing goalkeepers for both futsal and football, providing players with a pathway to both sports.   

 The coaching programme will work alongside the existing Futsal Escocia structure: 

  2. ATTACKING (Distrubution) 
  3. DEFENDING    (Positioning, shot stopping)
  4. BALL RETENTION   (footwork)
  6. GAMES 

I have no doubts that partnership and coaching will provide a greater quanity and better quality of goalkeepers.

Sessions will start throughout Fife in April 2018   with plans to start in other areas later in the year. 

If you would like to register and interest please do so via AMC Goalkeeping Academy. 

Facebook: @AMC Goalkeeping Academy