Youth Festivals 2017/18

This weekend we host our festivals to conclude our youth winter leagues for 2017/18. 

The festivals are a challenge to organise at the best of times but more so this year due to the numbers involved.  

  Every team has been placed in a group and will play additional, shorter matches. The whole day will be fast and frantic. 

The halls will be full. Can I ask that players and coaches are positioned around the hall on the side opposite the main access point and parents/spectators are positioned around the hall on the opposite side.  

All matches MUST BE PLAYED TO TIME. It will be on/off turnaround and coaches are responsible for ensuring the team is ready to start directly after the fixture before.   

The festivals provide the players the opportunity to play in front of a large audience. This can be daunting for them so please make it an experience to remember by supporting and cheering good play, goals, saves and skills from ALL the teams. We'd expect   all players and coaches to do the same. Let the children express themselves and play with freedom and enjoyment. Remember it's not the World Cup Final they are playing in. 

After the last match there's a presentation where players will receive a medal and a Player of the League Award and a Team Fair Play Award will be presented for each league. Nominations for the awards are accepted from coaches. Please can they be emailed or forwarded to myself or our representatives on the day.   

The presentations for the refurb and main hall at Beath High School will be combined and take place in the Assembly Hall.   

There will also be a tuck shop in the main building at Beath High School, selling hot and cold drinks and confectionery.   

I hope you have had a fantastic winter of Futsal and enjoy your weekend.  

Good luck to everyone involved.  

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