I am delighted to say that exactly a year after being our first pilot franchise, our Head Coach for Ayrshire, Craig Patterson has decided to become our first full franchise. 

A pilot franchise is completely risk free and did not cost Craig a penny to start up. He was supplied with the necessary equipment, coaching programme and support and guidance required to make futsal in Ayrshire a success.  It was then down to Craig. 

Craig now has 7 sessions and around 100 children involved in futsal every week, with further sessions to be added soon.

The full franchise agreement opens new doors and I fully expect to see further futsal programmes including Futsal Escocia Niño's and Futsal Escocia Teens coming to Ayrshire very soon.   

 Congratulations to Craig and his team of coaches.  Exciting times ahead!!!

 If you'd like to run futsal in your area, please get in touch.