Founder/Head Coach


Russell Taylor is the founder and Head Coach of Futsal Escocia.

Russell is an ex professional footballer having played with Raith Rovers FC (1996-1999) and Dunfermline Athletic FC (1999-2001). He spent the rest of his playing career in Junior Football and has represented the Fife, Scottish and British Police Football teams.

Russell started coaching in 1997 and took a more active interest in coaching once his playing career drew to a close. 

"I have been lucky enough to work under coaches such as Jimmy Nichol, Alex Smith, Terry Butcher and Jimmy Calderwood, with the latter introducing a European style of play. Since then, I have always believed in a total football style of football and admire the FC Barcelona, and Pep Guardiola philosophies. I first became aware of futsal in 2013 whilst I was watching The World's Greatest Players programmes on Sky and futsal was mentioned as having an influence on Brazilian players such as Ronaldo and Ronaldinho.

I then researched what futsal was and started finding more out about the game, establishing that futsal also helped develop the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Iniesta and Neymar, four of the world's best football players at this time. I then studied futsal closely before starting up Futsal Escocia. After a period of time, I created a 'Developing the Player' coaching programme that was carefully structured to develop players for both futsal and football. The programme is continuously updated with further experience and coach education. I am a firm believer in creating a game related environment where each player has to think for themselves.

Coach education has taken me across Europe to watch and learn from the very best coaches and players at FC Barcelona, Inter Movistar (Madrid) and Segovia (Spain). The aforementioned trips have been invaluable in my personal development, which I can share with our Futsal Escocia coaches and players.

Having been involved in coaching futsal to over 100 children a week for 3 years now, I have gained valuable experience in youth futsal coaching, however, I myself am still learning. I truly believe that futsal and Futsal Escocia Coaching helps develop aspiring footballers and offers a fun alternative to the game we love".

Coaching Qualifications:

  • Creator of the Futsal Escocia 'Developing the Player' Coaching Programme
  • SFA Introduction to Futsal
  • SFA Futsal Award
  • SYFF Bronze Award
  • SFA Level 1.1 Early Touches
  • SFA Level 1.2 Coaching Young Footballers
  • SFA Level 1.3 Coaching in the Game
  • SFA Goalkeeping Certificate Level 1