Don't just take our word for it about the impact futsal can have on your child, please read some of the parent and coach testimonials about our coaching sessions and birthday parties.


Samantha Mckenzie - Fraser loves going to futsal. Russell is a great coach and all the kids are focused and motivated on all the drills because of Russell's coaching. I can see his skills are improving at futsal and his football.

Paul Brown - Khai had a futsal party at Inverkeithing High School and it was a brilliant day. All the kids loved it, they had greet fun and learnt some skills too. We just left Russell to it and had a coffee. Everyone's a winner!! All the boys got a certificate and a medal at the end. I would thoroughly recommend Futsal Escocia for your party. 

Julie Brand - Dylan loves coming to futsal class on a Sunday. He is always practising the new tricks he has learned. It's a great class for the kids and Russell the coach does a great job. He must have the patience of a saint at times lol!!

Emma Kelso - Roan loves futal training. He has developed more as a player, improved fitness, learnt skills and gained more confidence from getting more touches on the ball during games. He has great fun too!!

Gillian Wilson - Finn loves going to futsal on Sunday afternoons. It's the perfect compliment to his football training with his team and is really bringing him on in terms of passing and thinking of passing more. All fotie kids should be doing this.

Debbie Elliott — Robbie loves coming to futsal, attending this along with his club training has improved his skill and confidence. I can already see improvement from his first session and he can't wait for it to start back in August.

Thomas Wilson - Aiden has become soo much fitter and his skill levels soo much higher. Thanks to Futsal Escocia it has improved his football.

Robert Peddie - Favourite part of the week for Calum, he looks forward to the sessions all week. I see a difference in his game in terms of making decisions quicker and being far more aware. Great initiative and I hope Futsal Escocia continues to grow.

Shirley Gordon - Kids learn more when they are enjoying themselves, which isn't always the case at pro and boys clubs where the pressure to perform and not make mistakes can inhibit development. At futsal the emphasis is on fun and not being scared to try flicks and tricks whilst also speeding up your touch and game intelligence. Well done Russell and Futsal Escocia for setting this up for all the fitba daft kids in Fife.

Jillsy Red - On a scale to 1-10 it's a 10. Outstanding coaching!!