Covid-19 Guidelines

Following Sport Scotland guidelines, I am delighted to say that Linda Ford has taken on the responsibility as Covid Officer. Linda’s role is to ensure that documented risk assessments and all appropriate mitigations are put in place before any activity is undertaken.

It is vital that all our players, coaches and parents follow the below guidelines.

We fully appreciate that we all have different circumstances and safety will always come first. If your child is unable to return to training please let us know and we will do all we can to assist with fees.

For those self isolating, Zoom Sessions will continue once a week when sessions resume. The sessions will be available will include Ninos, Academy and Adult.


Covid-19 Symptons

The main symptoms of coronavirus (Covid-19) are a high temperature, a new continious cough and a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste. There are other symptoms as detailed in the link below.

To protect others, if you or any members of your household are showing any symptoms, stay at home (self-isolate) and get a test.

Those symptomatic should self-isolate for 7 days, household members for 14 days as per info on NHS guidance. No one self isolating should attend any of our sessions in any capacity.

Please notify us if any players or family members have symptoms.

Covid-19 SymptomsGuidance for ParentsPhase 3 - Return to Sport Guidelines

Preparation at Home

  • Ensure mobile contact numbers are up to date on our booking system
  • Wear clean clothing
  • Have your own water bottle (name on it)
  • Have your own hand sanitiser (name on it)

Washing Hands

We should all be in a good habit with washing our hands now but after a period of time it is easy to let standards slip. Please follow the NHS guidelines with washing hands and ensure that you wash your hands prior to and after any session.


  • Where possible, please avoid public transport and walk, cycle or travel by use of a private vehicle to sessions
  • Only travel in a vehicle with members from your household
  • Familiarise yourself with our guidelines on arrival at training


All equipment will be sanitised prior to parents and players arrival. Our Surface Spray sanitisers provide 5 hours protection.

Check it out here.


  • Avoid congregating with other parents on arrival at training
  • Parents of younger children will be required to be present throughout the training, maintaining a social distance from other parents
  • Parents are to stay in the vicinity until the infrared test has been taken
  • Parents of older children will have the option to stay or leave after drop off after the test.
  • Please ensure that if you leave you are nearby and contactable should we require to contact you


  • On arrival players will enter and take their belongings to a ‘safe area’
  • Please ensure we are 2m apart in the safe are until all players are tested
  • In the safe are you will have a short infrared thermometer test
  • Players that pass the test can train, those that fail will unfortunately have to leave and cannot participate in the session
  • You will then enter the training pitch and will be grouped depending on guidelines (awaiting confirmation from Scottish Government).


  • Parents that are present are to retain social distancing measures at the side of the pitch
  • Children aged 11 and under are not required to physically distance. Contact is permitted.
  • Children aged 12-17 can create a ‘field of play bubble’ that allows contact whilst a supervised activity is taking place. This effectively suspends physical distancing guidelines for the duration of the activity. NORMAL PHYSICAL DISTANCING GUIDELINES APPLY BEFORE AND AFTER THE SESSION.
  • Coaches and other adults, 18+ supporting the activity should attempt to keep physically distant where possible.


  • Parents that are returning to pick up children are to be mindful of the earlier guidelines with congregating and retaining social distancing
  • Players are to exit the pitch via the opposite side from the safe are and to avoid to contact with groups that are on afterwards.
  • Persons age 12+ must adhere to social distancing guidelines.
  • The same travelling measures are in place as travelling to training
  • Wash your hands and kit when you return home


Still to be updated with the most recent guidelines for phase 3.


During these unprecedented times, the health, fitness and mental wellbeing of our players and others is a priority.

I regularly ask our players to put their hand up if they want to be a footballer and 99% do just that. It’s a dream all the children share but the reality is less than 1% will succeed. Those that do succeed will have to overcome setbacks and make sacrifices to achieve their ambitions.

What kind of player you want to be?

Think about your long term goals. You sometimes cannot control what happens but you CAN control how you respond to it. You can turn a negative into a positive and be proud of what you have achieved when this is over and we are back to normality.

Make sure you are proud of what you have

Stretching is new to our routine, however, the stretches are vital for futsal players to keep their body feeling supple and mobile and to help prevent injuries. Exercises can be done first thing in the morning and/or as part of your warm up before exercise. The earlier age group we start stretching, the easier it becomes later in life.

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