Football Tennis Tournaments

Football Tennis – Set up to provide our players with the opportunity to improve their technical skills and to experience a competitive environment. The tournament will follow government guidelines with regards to social distancing measures.

Although the winner will receive a trophy for their efforts, the most important thing here is to be involved, to try and improve and have fun.

Good luck to everyone involved.



  •  3 touches (unlimited 2011 and below)
  •  Best of 5 sets
  •  First to 11 points (must win by 2 clear points)
  •  Rock, paper, scissors to determine who chooses to serve first and what end they start
  •  5 serves per player before swapping serves
  •  2nd serves and lets (as per tennis rules included)
  •  Serve with a volley or half volley from behind the base line
  •  You cannot touch the net (point to opposing player)
  •  Only one bounce is allowed at any time (2003-06 & 2007/08)
  •  One bounce between every touch (2009/10 & below)
  •  Parent to referee each line (diagonally apart)
  •  Winner progresses
  •  HAVE FUN!!!!!

Next Matches – Monday 6th July 2020

2003-06’s Tournament

This time around we have a round-robin format with each player playing everyone once. This format is slightly different with a maximum of 3 touches.

Can anyone defeat the previous champion Calum Peddie?

2007/08’s Tournament

Congratulations to Liam Kennedy, defeating Cameron Murray in the previous final!!!

With Liam on holiday, who will take the crown this time around? With a maximum of 3 touches we expect to see a completely different game.

2009-10’s Tournament

Congratulations to Keir McMeekin, defeating Calum Murray in the final!!!

Can anyone beat Keir this time around? With a maximum of 3 touches, it is a different game.

2011’s & Below

The 2011/12’s and 2012/13’s will play a round-robin where all players play each player once. It is our first tournaments at these age groups and unlimited touches are allowed.

2012/13 matches will be on finals day.

Good luck to everyone involved.

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