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During these unprecedented times, the health, fitness and mental wellbeing of our players and others is a priority.

I regularly ask our players to put their hand up if they want to be a footballer and 99% do just that. It’s a dream all the children share but the reality is less than 1% will succeed. Those that do succeed will have to overcome setbacks and make sacrifices to achieve their ambitions.

What kind of player you want to be?

Think about your long term goals. You sometimes cannot control what happens but you CAN control how you respond to it. You can turn a negative into a positive and be proud of what you have achieved when this is over and we are back to normality.

Make sure you are proud of what you have

Stretching is new to our routine, however, the stretches are vital for futsal players to keep their body feeling supple and mobile and to help prevent injuries. Exercises can be done first thing in the morning and/or as part of your warm up before exercise. The earlier age group we start stretching, the easier it becomes later in life.

Toilet Roll Challenge

A fun keepie uppie challenge using toilet roll!!How many can you do?

Bucket Challenge

A fun challenge. Simply hit the ball into the bucket. Be creative as possible!!

Put It In The Bin Challenge

Another fun challenge. Hit the ball onto an item that ends up in the bucket. Be as creative as possible!!

The Knock ‘Em Down Challenge

Knock 3 items down off of 3 bins. Can you do it consecutively?

Bonus Points if you can go right foot, left foot, volley!!!

Keepie Uppies

A fun keepie uppie challenge. How many keepie uppies can you do in 30 seconds? Younger and less developed players use a bounce in between every touch.

Recreate The Goal

Ricardinho vs Spain in Euro 2016. We are looking for the skill, the toe strike and the celebration!! What a goal!!

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