Winter League Information

We are now accepting registration for the 2021/22 Futsal Escocia Youth Winter Leagues. This will our 7th year running the leagues with previous years reaching 100 teams involved.

The Futsal Escocia Youth Winter Leagues provide your team with the opportunity to play up and down age groups and to experience the exciting game that is futsal, the game that helped develop the likes of Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo (both) and many other world class footballers.

Leagues will start on Saturday 6th November and continue through until the 26th of February with a 2 week festive break in between. Team will have the opportunity to move up or down levels at the festive break.

This year we will be running leagues at the following age groups and venues:

Liga 1 – 2007 & above (Sunday evening Michael Woods, Glenrothes)

Liga 2 – 2007-2009 (Sunday evening Michael Woods, Glenrothes)

Liga 3 – 2010’s Advanced (Sunday morning Beath HS)

Liga 4 – 2010/11’s (Sunday morning Beath/Inverkeithing/Woodmill HS)

Liga 5 – 2011/12’s (Sunday morning Beath HS/Woodmill HS)

Liga 6 – 2012/13’s (Saturday morning Beath HS)

Liga 7 – 2013/14’s (Saturday morning Beath/Inverkeithing/Woodmill HS)

Liga 8 – 2014/15’s (Saturday morning Beath HS)

The above venues are subject to change depending on numbers registered.

You can register your team via returning a registration form to [email protected]

Although futsal is 5 a side, we recommend between 7 and 9 players at each game. Games are 40 minutes long and played at a high intensity.

For further information please send us an email.

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